The Honorable
Table of Contents
Note: Drafts are NOT completed in numerical or chronological order

Lesson 1*** Dirty little secret 
Lesson 2*** Lies on top of lies
Lesson 3*** “res ispa loquitor”
The Honorable Rufe E. McCombs, Senior Judge, Muskogee County, Judge #9
Lesson 4*** Justice delayed, justice denied
The Honorable Kenneth O. Nix, Judge #7
Lesson 5 Bait & switch
The Honorable George Kreeger, Judge #6
Lesson 6 Achille’s Heel
The Honorable William T. Boyett, Judge #8, Former Administrative Judge of the 7th District
Lesson 7 Blind eye
The Honorable Robert J. James, Current Administrative Judge of the 7th District
Lesson 8 The mediator
The Honorable G. Conley Ingram, Senior Judge, Cobb County, Former Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court, Former law partner of Judge #1, Father of Judge #4
Lesson 9 Pro se peril
The Honorable Michael Stoddard, part 1, Judge #2
Lesson 10 Gentleman Jim…..the bully bench
The Honorable James G. Bodiford, Judge #5
Lesson 11 Whirlpool of knowledge
The Honorable Jere F. White, Senior Judge, Bartow County
Lesson 12 Sacred secrecy
The Judicial Qualifications Commission
Lesson 13 “lapsus memoriae”
Attorney Kathryn L. Allen, Senior Assistant Attorney General for the State of Georgia
Lesson 14*** Sword of Damocles
The Honorable S. Lark Ingram, Judge #4
Lesson 15 Grudge judge, white knight
The Honorable Dorothy Robinson, Judge #3 
Lesson 16 Ex-parte power
The Honorable Michael Stoddard, part 2, Judge #2
Lesson 17 Compassionate counsel?
Attorney Fred D. Bentley, Jr. 
Lesson 18 Rent check rules
Attorney Larry W. Yarbrough 
Lesson 19 Closed doors
State Bar of Georgia
Lesson 20 My dear, you are not divorced!
The Late Attorney Lawrence B. Custer
Lesson 21** Money, money, money, money
Attorney Daryl L. Kidd
Lesson 22** Conspiracy’s root
The Late Honorable Robert E. (Bob) Flournoy, Jr., Senior Judge, Cobb County, Judge #1
Lesson 23 Daisy droppings
The Honorable Robert E. (Rob) Flournoy, III, Son of Judge #1
Lesson 24 “summum ius summa inuria”
Georgia Court of Appeals 
Lesson 25 “nemo agit in seipsum”
Supreme Court, State of Georgia
Lesson 26 Corporate trier
Lycos and Angelfire 
Lesson 27 Checkmate
The Laws

Pleadings and documents
Appendix C** Glossary (including Latin terms)
Appendix D Biographies and photos
all information is taken from court webpages, local newspapers, or legal directories such as Martindale-Hubbell