Court of Appeals
of the State of Georgia
Atlanta, April 6, 2001

The Court of Appeals hereby passes the following order:

A01I0193. Marquitta L. Portman v. Honorable George H. Kreeger et al.

Marquitta L. Portman brought suit against six of the judges of the Cobb County Superior Court, the Clerk of the Cobb County Superior Court, Portman’s former attorney, her ex-husband, her ex-husband’s girlfriend, and her ex-husband’s attorney. In six orders, the superior court granted motions to dismiss of all the defendants. Portman then filed this interlocutory application from those orders.

This court, however, does not have jurisdiction to consider this application. The interlocutory appeal procedure is reserved for those rulings that are not otherwise subject to direct appeal. OCGA Sec. 5-6-34 (b); see alsoArtis V. Gaither, 199 Ga. App. 114 (404 SE2d 322) (1991); compare Southeastern Security Ins. Co. vs. Empire Banking Co., 268 Ga. 450 (490 SE2d 372) (1997). The superior court’s orders dismissing all the defendants left nothing to be decided in this case. Thus, Portman was required to file a direct appeal, not an interlocutory application, from these decisions. See Wright v. Swint, 224 Ga. App. 417 (480 SE2d 878) (1997) (Order dismissing all defendants is subject to direct appeal).

Accordingly, this application is hereby DISMISSED for lack of jurisdiction.

Court of Appeals of the State of Georgia

Clerk’s Office, Atlanta   Apr 6, 2001

I certify that the above is a true extract from
the minutes of the Court of Appeals of Georgia.

Witness my signature and the seal of said court hereto affixed the day and year last above written.


[stamped signature of William L. Martin, III]